Possibilities of Purpose

Stepping into the unknown to follow one’s deeper desire will always be met with fear, but the doors of possibility that will open, will always be worth it.

Coordinator of John Cabot University’s Institute of Entrepreneurship, Joanne Bergamin, can attest to that personally as she decided to move out of a very successful career with a billion dollar gas and oil company in Australia to pursue a life in Rome, a place that has remained a home in her heart since visiting as a child. Joanne’s path in Rome lead to JCU: Institute of Entrepreneurship, where she provides students with guidance and opportunities to explore, develop, and connect as they embark on their entrepreneurial endeavors. 

With a philanthropic heart, Joanne has become a beautiful addition to the Soufra family, using the film to empower women and shine light on the responsibilityand opportunity for entrepreneurs to be change makers. In 2019 alone, she has organized two impactful screenings for the JCU community. The first was during their “Women’s Week”: a week-long series of special events that recognize the economic, political, and social achievements of women while promoting discussion on the many challenges that women face. As the film raised awareness on the refugee crisis, Joanne connected the message to the community as she brought in a local Syrian Refugee run ’HUMMUSTOWN' to cater the event. 

Joanne’s passion exceeded expectations as she shared her vision to screen Soufra again the following month during JCU’s "Social Change Day: A Step in the Entrepreneurial Journey”. Social Change Day is a true community effort, joining forces between JCU Institute of Entrepreneurship, JCU’s Fighting World Hunger Club, JCU’s Service Learning Program, and partner organizations from Rome’s social field. This events aims to provide an opportunity for socially sensitive students and professionals to get together, learn from expert speakers, and find inspiration to drive social change. Again, bringing in 'HUMMUSTOWN' to cater the event in support of their social entrepreneurship, as they provide refugees economic independence as they share their culture with Rome through delicious Syrian food. An event that will be sure to empower the future, connect the current, and showcase the former change makers of the world.

We can’t extend our gratitude enough to JCU, their Institute of Entrepreneurship, and specifically Joanne for all of their support and effort to use the story of Soufra to spark thought, empower women, and drive change. And to think, none of this would be possible if Joanne wouldn’t have made that leap into the unknown, coming to Rome. A beautiful testimonial for the possibilities that lie behind curiosity, courage, and a life through purpose.

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