Social Entrepreneur Tamara Alexandre Uses Launch Success to Feed the Soufra Fund

Loyola Marymount University organized a screening of Soufra to celebrate the success of Mariam Shaar in her social entrepreneurial endeavor, and the event came full circle as they collaborated with LA based start-up Invittle to put on the fundraising dinner leading up to the screening.


Invittle is founded upon the ideal of inspiring and enabling hand-crafted dinners that engage and connect new people and new perspectives, creating memorable experiences. The event served as the launch for Invittle and was a beautiful pairing with the story of Soufra. Invittle Founder, Tamara Alexander, graciously sponsored the fundraising dinner along with LMU's College of Business Administration. The dinner, combined with the fundraising efforts of Dr. Alex Glosenberg's students, raised a total of $3000, which was generously donated to the Soufra Fund to further support their journey. 

You can read more about the collaboration here.

All photography by Vivien Killilea Best.

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