Social Entrepreneurship: Putting Theory to Practice

At Loyola Marymount’s College of Business Administration, one professor’s commitment to teach the importance of Social Entrepreneurship has provided his students with the opportunity to take theory far beyond the textbooks.

Dr. Alexander Glosenberg introduced the $20 challenge to his students, dividing them into groups where each received $20, a 1 week time frame, and the sole objective to generate as much money as possible.  All profits from this project are then donated to a cause of their choice as an opportunity to further experience the essence of Social Entrepreneurship, using monetary success and resources to provide solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues.

Once Dr. Glosenberg came across Soufra, he knew it would be a powerful tool to share during their monthly series, “Cleaning Up Dirty Business: CBA Night at the Movies.” The series features a collection of films that follow famous examples of unethical business practices or highlight inspirational examples of business practices followed by a group discussion facilitated by special panelists with expertise on the practices. Dr. Glosenberg and the students decided to donate the profits from the $20 challenge to the Soufra Fund. Altogether, the students raised and donated $2,796 to the fund, paying it forward for future Soufra screenings in the same vein, raising awareness and funds to drive impact for local initiatives. In addition, thanks to the generous donation of the Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainability, LMU also secured the rights to screen Soufra for its students.

Dr. Glosenberg decided to take the event one step further, going above and beyond to create a fundraising dinner prior to the screening. Committing all proceeds to further support the Soufra Fund. A collaborative effort between Chef Shane Fatemian, Dean Dayle Smith, Invittle by Tamara Alexandre, and the College of Business Administration. Chef Shane Fatemian, a former refugee from Iran, was so inspired through the film he has crafted a personalized menu based off the Soufra cookbook.

A powerful reflection of social entrepreneurship, purpose, and education; This event is a perfect example of thinking out of the box with the resources at hand. Creating an event that connects the community to explore and act on the common goal of serving the greater good.

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