Mohamed El Manasterly


Mohamed El Manasterly.jpg

Mohamed El Manasterly is an Emmy Award winning, bilingual video editor with a diverse professional experience - from documentaries and narratives to commercials and talk shows. Known for mixing editing styles, his fluency in Arabic and English has allowed him to bridge the gap between both cultures, producing films that are understood by a wide audience.

El Manasterly moved from Cairo to Los Angeles in 2014 after winning an Emmy for Best Picture Editing for the documentary The Square, a 2014 Oscar nominee for Best Documentary. El Manasterly's films have won numerous awards at Sundance Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, the IDA Awards, Sheffield Film Festival, Dubai Film Festival, DOC NYC, and IDFA.

Most recently, El Manasterly worked on a docu-series with Legendary Pictures and the Emmy award winning directors/producers, the Konwiser Brothers. The project included scalable assets, aimed to create a movement across the country in support of innovation and STEM in America.