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Tiziana Tan

Associate Producer


Tiziana is a 22-year- old undergraduate at the Singapore Management University. She is also an entrepreneur and self-professed marketing nerd. While many saw her as a ‘rebel’, Tiziana constantly strived to go against the grain in building her career and lifestyle.

She began working in Marketing and Business Development at the age of 18 and achieved her goal of becoming a business-owner and consultant as the age of 21.

She is also a fitness-enthusiast, freelance model and brand ambassador for products and services that align with her personal brand.

Having had the opportunity and drive to convert a passion to an expertise, Tiziana saw the gap between youths and the start-ups and SMEs segment.

Brain Juice Collective was birthed from the desire to create a platform that would connect young individuals to corporate clients on a project-basis. The organization seeks to provide meaningful and challenging opportunities for students to build their portfolio even whilst completing their course of study. With that, they co-create high-quality yet affordable solutions with their clients.