Vivien Killilea Best



Vivien is a portrait photographer based in Los Angeles, California.  She grew up in Zimbabwe where her parents operate a conservatory for the preservation and protection of black rhinos.  After spending time volunteering in Louisiana during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Vivien realized it was her passion to create social change for communities through captivating visual story telling and imagery.  One of Vivien's strengths in portrait photography is her ability to connect with her subjects and gather insight to their soul, this enables viewers to empathize with the individual people in her work on a deeper level. The right photo can speak louder than a million words and Vivien is driven to use this powerful medium for the better good.

Vivien is house photographer for several major film festivals around the United States, including the Telluride, Palm Springs and San Diego Film Festivals. She also creates promotional and social media photography content for several high profile recording artists and actors.